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We specialise in driving cultural change and transformation through bespoke strategies tailored to your needs.

We are committed to delivery of high quality services that contribute to the success of our clients’ organisations.

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Welcome to Redd Starr6

We’re pleased that you are having a look at us. We pride ourselves on the services that we offer and the experience that we bring to the work that we do for our clients.

Meet Denis Fuelling,

Our Principal Consultant & partner in the Australian arm of the business

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Our outplacement service supports employees transitioning out of your organisation, helping them secure new opportunities quickly.

Interim Executive Work

Our interim executive appointments provide experienced leadership for your organisation during transitional periods.

Cultural Change

Our programs align with your strategy, using digital and AI enhancements for seamless transformation and increased agility.

Board Advisory

Our board advisory services support informed, strategic decisions.

Bespoke Sale Strategy

We craft bespoke sales strategies to align with your objectives, understanding your challenges and ensuring tailored solutions.

Leadership Development

Our leadership development programs cultivate essential skills, aligning with your strategy to drive growth and organisational success.

We work as a team with a range of consultants who understand your needs and deliver to your standards.

Our mission is to empower organisations to thrive through bespoke solutions and strategic guidance in cultural change, sales, marketing, negotiation, executive appointments, workplace investigations, and board advisory.

With a commitment to directness, clarity, and efficiency, we collaborate closely with clients to deliver innovative and effective strategies that drive transformative outcomes and ensure lasting success.


Redd Starr 6 brings years of expertise to its work with clients. Consultants are carefully paired with organisations in order to maximise the benefits of that expertise and to leverage off the expertise within the organisation.

Tailored Solutions

Redd Starr 6 does not have a one size fits all mentality. Our consultants actively listen to your requirements and come back to you with a proposal that reflects those requirements. If our expertise indicates opportunities that you may not have considered we will discuss those with you to gauge their potential value to your organisation.

Results-Driven Approach

Redd Starr 6 wants you to succeed. Our consultants deliver proposals and strategies that can be measured by the requirements of your organisation.

Collaborative Partnership

Redd Starr 6 values collaboration within our own team and with our clients. We deliver our best results when client partnerships are enhanced. We are not here to tell you how to run your organisation but through collaboration we can tell you how to maximise the skill set in your organisation and the intellectual property that you have developed.

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